Round 5 - Monaco GP

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

Verstappen won the glamorous race in the Principality of Monaco!

Red Bull Racing Team
Max Verstappen - Monaco GP 2021 Winner

Final Result

Verstappen won the Monaco GP, and he is leading the championship now by 4 points!

Red Bull is leading the Constructor Championship by 1 point, unbelievable!

Charles Leclerc that supposedly to start on the pole, unfortunately did not even start the race, with problems on his Ferrari's gear box.

The race started with Verstappen securing the first position, leading from beginning to end. Valtteri Bottas got squeezed and was unable to do anything, kept in second, chased by Carlos Sainz, who was chased by his ex teammate Lando Norris from McLaren, well, this could have been the ending positions, because in Monaco is really difficult to overtake, but Bottas didn't expect that the front right tyre would get stuck, Mercedes team could not do anything and the Finnish was obligated to retire, so Carlos Sainz jump to the 2nd position and Norris to the 3rd, allowing this to be the ending podium, the second youngest podium of F1 history.

In 4th, finished Sergio Peréz, with an amazing race, from the 9th, he was able to pass 5 cars, giving many points to the team to assume the 1st position in the Constructor Championship.

In 5th, nobody could imagine, driver of the day, Sebastian Vettel, finally got some points for his new Aston Martin team and finishing ahead of Pierre Gasly in 6th and Lewis Hamilton in 7th, at least the British driver got the reward of 1 point for the 2021 DHL Fastest Lap Award, but losing field for the Driver's Championship, letting the Dutch driver Mac to assume the leadership.

Lance Stroll did also a very good race, finishing in 8th, which allowed Aston Martin to pass Alpha Tauri in the Constructor Championship, well done!

In 9th finished Esteban Ocon with his Alpine and in 10th, Antonio Giovanizzi, who got the first point for Alfa Romeo, great effort.

Please, I invite you all to watch the resume of the race on the link below.

2021 Monaco GP Highlights video

Drivers standings Team standings

Red Bull Racing Team
Monaco GP 2021 Podium

Next Grand Prix

The next race will be in two weeks in Azebaijian, it will be the Round 6 of this 2021 Season. So we will be racing again from June 4th to 6th, with the race on Sunday, June 6th, at 4:00 pm local time, 8:00pm in Taiwan. #F1 #Formula1 #Motorsport #MonacoGP #Ferrari #RedBullRacing #McLaren

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