Round 15 - Russian GP

Hamilton and Verstappen 1-2, Norris finished in 7th!

2021 Russian Grand Prix, Sunday – Steve Etherington for Mercedes-Benz Grand Prix Ltd.
2021 Russian Grand Prix, Sunday – Steve Etherington for Mercedes-Benz Grand Prix Ltd.

Final Result

Lewis Hamilton won the Russian race and his 100th Grand Prix, what a brilliant career, great achievement!

Verstappen did a magnificent race, finishing in 2nd, after starting in the last position in 20th, although the top two seems as expected, the race was purely unpredictable at the last laps, when the rain start to fall in Sochi, around 6 laps to the end, Lando Norris was leading, which would be his maiden win in Formula-1, if wasn't for his decision to stay out, instead of changing the tyres to intermediates, but his racing was really good at that point, so he got the award of Driver of the Day by the fans votes. Soon the young British driver should win his first race.

In 3rd, finished Carlos Sainz with a consistent race, doing a good work, he was just ahead of Daniel Ricciardo in 4th.

Bottas in the last laps jump from the 14th to the 5th position at the end, showing what a difference the inters had made at the end of the race. In 6th finished Fernando Alonso, just ahead of Lando Norris in 7th, who passed Kimi Raikkonen at the last lap.

In 9th was Sergio Peréz, that almost finished in the third position, if wasn't for the rain.

Completing the top 10, George Russell, getting another point for Williams, in the last 5 races, they scores in 4, great performance for the team.

Well, it was not bad at all for the Red Bull and Max Verstappen, leaving the weekend in second for the Driver's Championship, Hamilton is only 2 points apart and with 7 races to go, the championship result will be unpredictable with a good fight ahead.

The extra point for fastest lap was given to Norris (2021 DHL Fastest Lap Award), not bad at all!

A good race with unexpected results at the end, a lot of emotion, we hope to continue having more games like this, please, invite you to watch the resume of this race on the link below.

2021 Russian GP Highlights video

Drivers standings Team standings

Ferrari - Russian GP 2021 - Race Start
Ferrari - Russian GP 2021 - Race Start

Next Grand Prix

The next race will be in two weeks in Turkey, it will be the Round 16 of this 2021 Season. So we will be racing again from October 8th to 10th, with the race on Sunday, Oct. 10th, at 3:00pm local time, 8:00pm in Taiwan.

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