Round 11 - Hungarian GP

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

Unbelievable, Esteban Ocon from Alpine won the race!

Esteban Ocon - Alpine F1 Team - Hungary 2021
Esteban Ocon - Alpine F1 Team - Hungary 2021

Final Result

Nobody would imagine it, but yes, we saw Esteban Ocon from Alpine winning the race for the first time in his F1 career, that was amazing!

The race start under the rain with all drivers using intermediate tyres, so at the first curve of the race, we saw a total chaos, a carnage initiate by Valtteri Bottas who was unable to break his Mercedes and smashed into Lando Norris, who later crashed in the Red Bull of Max Verstappen.

Bottas continued his knock down and crashed into Sergio Pérez, disaster for many.

A bit behind, it was Lance Stroll losing control of his Aston Martin, hitting Charles Leclerc, who crashed into Daniel Riccardo due to this hit.

Luck for Lewis Hamilton, starting in the front, he run alone and escaped from this mess.

Then Esteban Ocon, who started in eighth, was suddenly in second position, just behind the British.

With all that chaos, the race had a red flag, so could clean up the track and remove all the broken cars, that was crucial for Red Bull to fix a bit Verstappen's car, so he could continue the race, although with a severe damaged car.

The race restart with a standing start, and for a surprise of many, it was only with Lewis Hamilton in the track, because all other drivers went to the pit box to change their tyres to the slicks, that was crucial for the result of the race.

So before even completing the first lap, after the restart, Hamilton stopped into the pits and changed his tyres, but resume at the end of the grid, which would be a recovery race.

Well, the race itself didn't have so many changes of positions, but we saw the cars in the front trying to resist as much as possible without going to the boxes.

At the end, it was a battle show between Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton, which was one of the major key points to help his teammate Ocon to win the race, the Spanish driver hold Hamilton for several laps, not allowing him to reach Ocon and Vettel at the end of the race.

Esteban Ocon, the French driver one the race, having Sebastian Vettel in 2nd, later disqualified from the race, because his Aston Martin didn't have the minimum amount of 1L fuel to be inspected by FIA, so due to that, Hamilton finished in 2nd, just ahead of Carlos Sainz in 3rd.

Alonso finished in 4th, the Alpha Tauri cars with Pierre Gasly in 5th and Tsunoda in 6th.

Then we have the Williams cars in 7th and 8th, with Latifi and Russell, respectively, amazing job from them.

Verstappen finished in 9th and Raikkonen in 10th.

The extra 1 point for the Drivers Championship for the fastest lap was given to Pierre Gasly at the end of the race (2021 DHL Fastest Lap Award).

Lewis Hamilton assume the first place in the Driver's Championship, letting the Dutch driver, Max Verstappen, in second now. The Formula-1 has the summer break for now and will return at the last weekend of this August 2021.

Please, invite you to watch the resume of this dramatic race on the link below.

2021 Hungarian GP Highlights video

Drivers standings Team standings

2021 Hungarian Grand Prix, Sunday – Jiri Krenek for Mercedes-Benz Grand Prix Ltd.
2021 Hungarian Grand Prix, Sunday – Jiri Krenek for Mercedes-Benz Grand Prix Ltd.

Next Grand Prix

The next race will be in four weeks in Belgium, it will be the Round 12 of this 2021 Season. So we will be racing again from August 27th to August 29th, with the race on Sunday, August 29th, at 3:00pm local time, 9:00pm in Taiwan.

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