F1 Round 6 - Spain GP

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

Hamilton won another one, unbeatable!

Hamilton holds the winning trophy for the Spain GP 2020

Final Result

Hamilton won the Spain GP, unbeatable, four wins out of six so far, I would say the British driver is running fast for his 7th Driver's Championship Tittle. No chance for the others, Verstappen did a great race again, finishing in 2nd, but could not do much to catch the winner.

Well, Bottas, who finished in 3rd, at least got the consolation reward of 1 point for the 2020 DHL Fastest Lap Award, Stroll finished in 4th, just ahead of his team mate Perez in 5th, who got a 5 seconds time penalty for ignoring a blue flag.

The Spanish driver Carlos Sainz in his home Grand Prix finished in 6th, good job for the McLaren driver.

Vettel luckily finished in 7th, even though his tyres were on the limit at the end of the race. Not so luck for Charles Leclerc, who retired due to electric problem, after his engine turned off in a strange situation, when he spun on the last curve of the race.

Please, I invite you all to watch the nice resume on the link below.

2020 Spain GP Highlights video: https://youtu.be/-yHbZWfkBwU

Drivers standings Team standings

Podium in Spain GP 2020

Next Grand Prix

The next race will be in two weeks in Belgium, it will be the Round 7 of this 2020 Season. So we will be racing again from August 28th to 30th, with the race on Sunday, Aug. 20th, at 3:10 pm local time. #F1 #Formula1 #SpanishGP #Ferrari #RedBullRacing #MercedesAMG #McLaren #RacingPointf1 #LewisHamilton #Verstappen #Bottas #Vettel

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