F1 Round 4 - Great Britain GP

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

Lewis Hamilton won with 3 wheels, Charles Leclerc got the 3rd!

Hamilton taking a look into his delaminated tyre

Final Result

Hamilton suffered with a puncture on his front left tyre and did the last lap with three wheels, but the lucky boy won the race anyway, because Max Verstappen, who finished in 2nd, was more than 30 seconds behind, enough for the British driver to win for the Seventh time the British GP

Leclerc did a consistent race completing the podium in 3rd position, got lucky as well, because 2 laps before the end, Valtteri Bottas, racing on second position nearly the entire race, suffered the same type of punctured as Lewis on his front left tyre and finished the race in 11th position, out of the points, just behind Sebastian Vettel, who finished in 10th.

Another one that got a punctured tyre was Carlos Sainz, the Spanish was about to finish the race in a comfort 5th position and end up in 13th.

Another drama happened before the race even started, who was waiting to see Nico Hülkenberg back on track through Racing Point got disappointed, with a problem on his car, he was unable to even start the race, the german was there to replace Sergio Perez who was diagnosed with a positive result for Covid-19 and should only be back on the Round 6 in Spain.

Please, invite you all to watch the highlights of this interesting race on the link below.

2020 Great Britain GP Highlights video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HmEsqWosuS8

Drivers standings Team standings

Charles Leclerc celebrates his third place in Great Britain GP

Next Grand Prix

The next race will be on next weekend, again in The United Kingdom, it will be the Round 5 of this 2020 Season. So we will be racing again from August 7th to 9th, with the race on Sunday, Aug. 9th, at 2:10 pm local time. #Formula1 #F1 #BritishGP #MercedesAMG #Ferrari #LewisHamilton #Verstappen #RedBullRacing #Leclerc

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