F1 Race in Silverstone 2021

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

After the Sprint Qualifying, we have the fourth Pole in a row for Max Verstappen!

Red Bull Racing
Max Verstappen - Sprint Qualifying - British GP 2021

Back to Silverstone

Formula-1 is back to the British GP for today's race, last year we had a spectacular show at the end of the race, when Hamilton's front left tyre blew and he did the last lap almost been caught by Max Verstappen, it was incredible to see.

Last Race in the UK 2020

It was the 1st round of the Season and Bottas won it with an exciting ending, having Charles Leclerc in 2nd and Lando Norris from McLaren in 3rd. A little before, Lewis Hamilton bumped with Alex Albon (replay from Brazil GP 2019), so the British driver got a 5 seconds penalty, which caused him in the end to drop from his 2nd position to 4th, although he did everything to cover the gap between him and the drivers behind, it was not enough.

Luck for Lando Norris, not so good for Alex Albon from Redbull at that time, as he could won that race and it would be the first on his F1 career.

Watch the great summary for the race on the link below.

2020 British GP Highlights video

What to expect from British GP 2021?

Max Verstappen starts from the Pole again for the 4th time in a row, after starting in second during the first Sprint Qualifying, where there were 17 laps, roughly 1/3 of a normal race distance. Jumping in the front during the first meters and turning the first curve at first, passing Hamiltom, who actually started from the Pole.

Valtteri Bottas wills start in third, just behind Hamilton and ahead of Charles Leclerc in fourth, the Ferrari driver did a good Sprint Qualifying.

Lando Norris did well too and will start in fifth, originally it was Perez who started in fifth, but he spun during the Sprint Qualifying, having a DNF, so he will start the race in the last position.

Daniel Riccardo will start in sixth, the two McLaren are well positioned for the race.

In seventh will be Fernando Alonso with an excellent Sprint Qualifying, he jumped from the eleventh position to seventh, well done.

Sebastian Vettel will start in eight, ahead of Esteban Ocon in ninth, and Carlos Sainz in tenth.

George Russell originally finished in ninth, but due to a contact with Sainz, he got a 3 positions grid penalty, so will start in twelfth.

I believe the race will not have many changes, but of course, it will depend of how the tyres behaving during the race, so the surprises may come from the teams strategies at the end.

Verstappen and Hamilton seem to be very close, so the battle among them must be intense, the final result will depend on the small details.

The complete grid start positions can be seen by clicking here.

We hope to see a good race in UK, please, see the highlight for the first ever Sprint Qualifying on the link below.

British Sprint Qualifying 2021 Highlights

2021 British Grand Prix, Saturday – Sebastian Kawka for Mercedes-Benz Grand Prix Ltd.
2021 British Grand Prix, Saturday – Sebastian Kawka for Mercedes-Benz Grand Prix Ltd.

Schedule for the Grand Prix

Race will light out today, July 18th, 2021 at 3:00 pm local time, 11:00am Brasilia time or 04:00pm Rome and Amsterdam time, or 03:00pm London time, or 10:00pm Taipei time. Let us watch the race in UK!

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