F1 Race in Azerbaijan 2021

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

Formula-1 is back to Azerbaijan, we missed the race last year.

Charles Leclerc - Azerbaijan 2021 Qualifying - Ferrari
Charles Leclerc - Azerbaijan 2021 Qualifying - Ferrari

Back to Azerbaijan

Formula-1 is back to Azerbaijan for today's race, last year due to the Pandemic caused by the Covid-19, the race was cancelled, it is great race track with one of the longest straights of the Season, besides of that, the chances of someone smashing the walls is big.

Last Race in Azerbaijan 2019

In 2019 Valtteri Bottas won the race, starting in the Pole with his teammate Lewis Hamilton in second, he managed to sustain the fist position from back to end.

The Ferraris that year were strong, Vettel finished in 3rd, just ahead of Max Verstappen in 4th and Charles Leclerc with great race, making a lot of overtakes, finished in 5th, ahead of Sergio Peréz in 6th.

Besides of that, Charles Leclerc got the 1 point for the 2019 DHL Fastest Lap Award at the last lap.

Finishing in 7th was Carlos Sainz with his McLaren, ahead of his teammate that year, Lando Norris in 8th.

Completing the top 10, Lance Stroll in 9th and Kimi Raikkonen in 10th.

Please, click here to see the final result of the Azerbaijan GP 2019 and invite you to watch the resume of the race on the link below:

Azerbaijan GP 2019 Race Highlights video

Azerbaijan 2019 GP - Race Start
Azerbaijan 2019 GP - Race Start

What to expect from Azerbaijan GP 2021?

Charles Leclerc got the Pole, and due to the red flag caused by Yuki Tsunoda crash at the curve 15, conquering the 9th Pole in his F1 career.

Many pilots crashed during the qualify, causing 4 times red flag, so it shows that the chances of having the safety car during the race is big.

Hamilton will start in second, just ahead of Max Verstappen in third, so the fight between the two champions contenders will be strong during the race.

Pierre Gasly with an excellent performance, will start in fourth, his highest grid position in his F1 career so far.

In fifth will start Carlos Sainz, who crashed at the end of the qualifying to avoid a possible collision with Yuki's car that was stopped at curve 3 after his crash.

In sixth will start Sergio Perez with his Red Bull, the Mexican was doing great and if wasn't for the red flag, possibly would start much higher in the grid, so it is believed that his race will be strong.

In seventh will start Tsunoda, even before the crash, he was able to manage to do a good lap, but we will not know if it could be better. Just behind him, will start Fernando Alonso in eighth, the Spanish driver did great, and was able to be at Q3, starting ahead of the McLaren of Norris in ninth.

Valtteri Bottas did a disappointing qualifying, so he will start in tenth.

I believe the race will be full of surprises with the possibility to have many times the safety car to shake all the positions, so the result at the end, it can be unpredictable.

We hope to see a good race in Azerbaijan.

Carloz Sainz - Uzerbaijan 2021 Qualifying - Ferrari
Carloz Sainz - Uzerbaijan 2021 Qualifying - Ferrari

Schedule for the Grand Prix

Race will light out today, June 6th, 2021 at 4:00 pm local time, 9:00am Brasilia time or 01:00pm Rome and Amsterdam time, or 12:00pm London time, or 08:00pm Taipei time. Let us watch the race in Azerbaijan!

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