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Updated: Sep 26, 2021

Formula-1 is back at Austrian Gran Prix for this chaotic 2020.

Drivers line up for 2020

Back to the Red Bull Ring

After a long time waiting for Formula-1, today we have it back, finally! Starting the season in Austria on July 2020, who would believe on that? Yeah, we all know, Covid-19 hit the World strong this year and we had the race in Australia cancelled, back on March.

Last year's Race in Austria

Last year we saw Max Verstappen winning the race, when he had a bad start dropping from 2nd to 7th position before the first curve, the later on the 1st lap, his team mate Pierre Gasly, at that time, passed him, unbelievable, but that was just an incentive for the Dutch to fight back.

Charles Leclerc started from the pole position and kept his leadership for almost all race, could win easily, but nobody would predict what was yet to come. Later on, we saw an epic battle between the two young Formula-1 promises, and guess what? Verstappen was just right there next to him, when he bumped on him and assumed the first position, amazing!

Please, be my guest and check it out the resume of the race right on the link below:

F1 Austria GP Race Highlights video:


Verstappen versus Leclerc battle on Austrian GP 2019

What to expect from Austria GP 2020?

Well, it is the first race of the Season, but we can already see that Mercedes will dominate once again, yesterday they were incredibly fast, only Valtteri Bottas, the pole, got half a second in front of the 3rd, Max Verstappen. We can see that their dual-axis steering, better known as DAS, has a lot to do with that, so it might be another year of dominance, as the Season will be really short and will give no time for much development to the other teams to catch up, unfortunately, thanks to Covid-19 situation world wide.

McLaren is looking good, we had a very good Qualifying from Lando Norris, who will start at 4th position, we hope to see them strong, but we can't forget the Racing Point team, the Pink Mercedes with Sergio Perez at 6th position, might give us a good surprise.

2020 Austrian Grand Prix: Qualifying Highlights: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XBBXsXnKMeA

Mercedes team box training

Schedule for the Grand Prix

Race will light out today, July 5th, 2020 at 3:10 pm local time, 10:10am Brasilia time or 03:10pm Rome and Amsterdam time or 2:10pm London time. Let us watch the last race in Austria!

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