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Updated: Sep 26, 2021

This next weekend on November 17th the Formula-1 circus will be racing in São Paulo, Brazil.

Lewis Hamilton wins 2018 Brazilian GP

What happened in the previous 2019 United States GP?

Bottas started at the pole and kept it, turning curve one at 1st followed by Verstappen who passed Vettel, who had an awful start and dropped many positions in first lap, been passed later on by Hamilton, Leclerc and Norris, before completing Lap1!! Unfortunately Vettel didn't finish the race due to a broken suspension.

In the end, victory to Lewis Hamilton, victory of the Driver Champion, no chances for Valtteri Bottas, even finishing in second, the title goes to the English. He has conquered his 6th Driver World Tittle and is just one behind the legend Michael Schumacher, the greatest in F1 with 7 Championship Trophies!

Nice race, it is a conclusion of great work and consistency from Hamilton, ending once more with another Driver World Title, please, see the race summary at the link below.

F1 2019 US GP Highlights: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QLx2WZWilBc

What to expect from Brazil GP Race?

Max Verstappen and Esteban Ocon collided in 2018 Brazil GP

During last year's race, while Max Verstappen led the race, Esteban Ocon tried to overtake him for an "unlap" move, but the two have collided in the Senna 'S' curve and Verstappen missed his chance to win the race.

The victory fell into the hands of Lewis Hamilton, who had already won his fifth driver title at that time and gave to Mercedes team another victory.

This year Ocon will not be present on the starting grid, but will be returning to Formula-1 in 2020 with the Renault team, so Verstappen can rest assured that he will not be hampered by the Frenchman, at least for now.

The current king of Brazil is the German Sebastian Vettel, but with the Dutchman's history and performance in recent years, with a bit of luck we can see Max winning the race.

See the summary of the 2018 race at the link below.

F1 2018 Brazil GP Highlights: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o5pdLO9irzY

Interlagos - Brazil GP Track


Qualifying will begin Saturday at 2:00pm São Paulo time, 2:00pm Brasilia time or 6:00pm Rome and Amsterdam time or 5:00pm London time.

Race will start on Sunday at 2:10pm São Paulo time, 2:10pm Brasilia time or 06:10pm Rome and Amsterdam time or 5:10pm London time. Let us all watch a great race in Brazil!

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